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Hi, I'm Elisha

Motherhood, maternity, newborn, family and couples photographer in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Capturing the stories of those who love deeply.

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I want to tell your stories, immortalise your love, turn it into art.


I’m a motherhood, maternity, newborn and family photographer specialising in artful, timeless and honest portraits. I offer sessions in beautiful locations. I use the very best that natural light has to offer.

My work is full of movement, soul and warmth. I love the natural laughs and fun but also the quiet moments, cuddled in close, fingers running through hair, holding hands.

Perhaps it’s the history lover in me but I love immortalising love. I imagine you pulling out these photos in 20 years time, 50 years time…generations gathering round. Photographs are precious and become even more so with time.

I want to give you authentic and beautiful photos. Beautiful art for your walls. An album you will pore over for years to come. Heirlooms to pass down. Your history, felt all over again.

What my clients say...

"I'm seriously privileged to have such beautiful beautiful images. I love them and the memories they will evoke for years to come. Elisha captured so many elements of us and I can see so much love and joy in these images which just fills me up. You are wonderful, truly"


My Services

These are stories of love. The caring gaze, the gentle hands, the encompassing arms, the way they make you laugh. These are moments that deserve to be relived. I want to capture the fleeting and tiny details that in 20 years time will take you all the way back.

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,
but their inward significance."


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